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To ensure that everyone can enjoy a pleasant and carefree stay, it is important that everyone obeys the house rules. In general, it is about respecting each other and not causing any inconvenience.  


For example, after 10 PM there should be absolute silence in the hotel, which means that the music and TV should be muted and you should respect the sleep of other guests.


Check-in without identification is not possible. All guests are required to register and provide identification.


Guests are allowed to receive visitors in their rooms until 10 PM, but any visitors must also register and identify themselves in advance at the reception desk. The maximum number of persons in a room is equal to the number of beds in the room. In case of doubt, a check may be made.


We ask you to be 'correctly dressed' when visiting the hotel. This means; covering upper and lower body. When you want to make use of the sauna, you may use a bathrobe (for rent at the reception) and/or bath slippers (for sale at the reception). Lockers are available at the fitness and sauna (insert coin € 1,-)

  • (Electric) smoking is allowed on the balconies or designated areas, please keep the balcony door closed when smoking on the balcony;
  • Each room has smoke detectors, which are sensitively adjusted. If it is found that the function of the smoke detector is deliberately disturbed, for example by covering in any form, we reserve the right to deny you access to the hotel room and hotel immediately, as this will compromise the safety of all our guests and colleagues;
  • Only use the main entrances. The emergency exits are equipped with an acoustic alarm and sensors. If these doors are opened, the reception desk will receive an alert;
  • Do not consume your own food in the hotel and/or restaurants;
  • Delivery services are not allowed in the hotel. We also do not provide cutlery, plates and/or glasses for food services of third parties. We refer you to the room service and/or Take Away of our own restaurants;
  • Glassware must remain inside or on the terrace;
  • The use of drugs and/or laughing gas in and/or around the hotel;
  • Discriminating against employees and/or guests;
  • Possession of weapons;
  • Displaying aggressive, annoying and intimidating behaviour towards employees and/or guests.


In case of violation of one or more of the above rules, we are unfortunately forced to deny your immediate access to the hotel, without being obliged to give one or more prior warnings and/or refund (part of) the amount paid.


Should you experience any nuisance or have any questions, please report to reception. We can be reached 24 hours a day (by telephone) on direct dial number '9' from the telephone in your hotel room, or on +31(0)252-219019. Our staff is trained to act in various situations and will do so if necessary.


We wish you a relaxed, pleasant and safe stay!