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Are you spending a longer stay at our hotel? Then you can opt for a concrete contribution to a greener hotel world by foregoing one or more days of room cleaning. For every day that you skip the room cleaning, the Pure Benefit Foundation will plant a tree, sponsored by Van der Valk with the money saved when you forgo the cleaning. 


How do you opt for Green Stays prior to your stay? 


Via the e-mail you receive from us 2 days before your arrival. Reception will be notified automatically and will put it in the comments of your reservation.


How do you opt for Green Stays upon arrival at the hotel? 


At check-in, you can indicate that you would like to choose Green Stays.


How do you opt for Green Stays during your stay?


Hang the "Green Stays" door hanger (found in your hotel room) on the outside of your room door by 12:00 am. Our housekeeping staff will then skip the cleaning of your room and report it to reception for administrative processing


Would you like to opt for Green Stays on an occasional basis, such as when you stay with us for more than two nights? Then please use the door hanger!


For more information and/or questions you can always contact the reception!